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The wrapping of a beautiful paper can goes through six processes

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The paper cans are so beautifully packaged that they go through the following six processes:
A: a drum cutting indentation technology / paper cans packaging printing products commonly used, is forming technology needed to shape or cut marks into cutting drum / paper cans according to product planning request pattern cutting.
Two, film: because paper can offset printing ink layer thin, easy to form the contrast color saturation deficiency, the whole paper can gloss effect is poor, with a film or coating technology to improve the appearance of gloss printing, paper cans and progress brightness printing ink layer, with paper cans provided a layer of protection useful, the paper cans packaging color can in finishing and packing in storage and transportation by the fall because of the conflict. Plastic films used for covering are brightly lit, high gloss, and inexpensive. Because the film after the paper is difficult to recycle, not degradation, easy to form white pollution, therefore, the traditional coating type film adhesive material will be replaced by high-quality environmental protection type new adhesive.
Three, glazing: not only can enhance the appearance of paper cans packaging, light, maintenance printing graphics and text, and does not affect the recycling of paper, reuse, can save capital and maintain the environment. Therefore, it is widely used in the surface technology of paper and can packing.
Four, the convex technology is mainly pressurized method, the picture handling pressure to the appearance of the material. Produce relief effect through convex technique, drum / paper cans packaging more beautiful theme is more obvious, feel more lucrative.
Five, the application of UV technology in the drum / paper cans packaging industry, the technical characteristic is that in general the offset paper product appearance or BOPP matte film, the use of screen printing technology, coating on paper drawing, the coating with matte or glossy areas constitute a strong contrast to the need to emphasize on the effect of the finishing touch Wen: UV, crystal convex, colorful, grinding sand and so on.
Six, hot stamping: drum / paper cans in the fierce competition in the market, in order to add additional value of commodities, more useful for anti-counterfeit packaging, packaging paper can use hot stamping technology more and more. Anodized aluminum foil is mainly selected heating and compression methods, the picture or text to be transported to the surface of the stamping material. After stamping features: picture clarity, beautiful colors in the drum / tank The brightness dazzles the eyes., paper packaging bronzing, can play a prominent theme of the beautification effect of merchandise planning.