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When the composite dry process, bonding fastness is not good, how to deal with?

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After the normal process of the compound is cured in the 50~60 degree environment, the bonding fastness is not good, the peeling strength is not high, and the quality does not meet the request. There are many factors here, and the situation is disordered. It is necessary to pay full attention to it.
A: the kind and quality of the adhesive are not compatible with the base material to be compounded. It is necessary to select the proper kind of adhesive by the end use of the substrate and the composite. For example: when did not participate in the complex aluminum foil, can be used if there is a universal adhesive; aluminum foil, and eventually use packages containing liquid, hot and sour foods such as mustard, pickled cabbage, fruit juice and other food, on the selection of special adhesive acid hot foil. Another example: if the composite bag after high temperature sterilization request it is necessary to choose a high temperature cooking adhesive, and also different habits of high temperature resistant adhesive containing foil and just used high temperature resistant adhesive for plastic, absolutely can not use general adhesive.
B: the appearance of the composite steel roller temperature is too low, resulting in poor adhesive activation, the composite viscosity is not high, the second substrate moisture, bond strength is not good, is formed between the two substrates can very good adhesion, affect the bonding fastness. The normal surface temperature of the composite steel roller must be kept at 75~85 degrees according to the normal technical requirements.
C: lack of sizing. Too much for cost reduction, the amount of adhesive is too small, often runs the risk, the formation of waste products. In addition to the dot concentration and the adhesive concentration factor, most of the factors which are lacking in the adhesive capacity are mostly related to the net cleanness of the roller and the blockage of the dot. Because each solvent flushing, Kai wipe, can not be left inside the dot glue thoroughly cleansed. These few washed rubber should be cross-linked and cured, and the more the more, the depth of the mesh will gradually become shallow, resulting in the amount of glue to be reduced. For this reason, efficient washing liquid can be used to clean the already blocked top roller.
D: net roll of adhesive to the ink soaked not beautiful, floating in appearance, and between the ink and substrate fastness is not good, stripping ink is pulled down with ink adhesive, reflected in the local, especially the local bonding fastness of multi ink overprint, thick layer of good ink transfer attack. At this point, should choose low viscosity, high content of adhesive, drying speed is slow, so that the glue has plenty of time to soak, to the base material appearance, and other should be appropriate amount of glue. Of course, the use of appropriate ink, improve the surface tension of the substrate, so that the printing ink adhesion fastness progress is also one of the ways to solve the problem.